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Network solutions

Networking - design and realization of LAN / WAN / WIFI

The service consists of graphic design of network to structured cabling, installation of data switchboards, individual addressing and network routing. Implementation of the service is particularly in centers, facilities, and buildings with larger demands on speed and quality of work.

• we will design and realize network solutions for you to the required extent
• the connection to the Internet according to your needs and requirements
• we will connect the devices in the network by cables or by air
• configure the network so as to increase the work efficiency

For more information or specific requirements about networking please contact us.


Details of networking 

• Design and construction of project documentation IPv4/IPv6/MPLS Fibre / LAN / IPSEC / VPN / VLAN / WLAN networks
• Delivery of materials and equipment
• Configuration of network devices - routers, switches (core, peering, CPE ...)
• The implementation of multicast technologies, VoIP and IPv6 services
• A series of used Cisco equipment from 800 to 6500/7600, ASA firewall 5505 to 5580
• NetFlow / SFlow monitoring system (our own development)
• Computer-based Linux, BSD routers (iptables, ipfw, pf, quagga, xorp, accounting, policing)


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